Connect with Us the Way You Want

Pershing’s open architecture technology and agnostic approach to business models means we are completely flexible and give you a choice of how to integrate your chosen systems with ours and how you transfer data between us. We give you freedom to select the connectivity that best suits the way you run your business.

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What are Pershing's Solutions?

Develop an extensive and innovative wealth management service.


Which front office systems you choose to integrate with Nexus® is entirely up to you. You have these choices:

Our long experience in integration means we can advise you on the best route to suit you. Currently, we integrate with approximately a dozen third-party providers of applications such as CRM, portfolio management and investor portals, so contact us to find out more.

Connect to Our Business Services

Nexus Web Services provides a real-time, industry-standard interface to connect to Nexus business functions.

Data Transfer

We offer a variety of data file interfaces to provide bulk transfer of information between your systems and ours.

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