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Professional Portal: Nexus Wealth®

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Nexus Wealth® is our front-end system for wealth and investment managers that will help you work more efficiently and collaborate with your clients more effectively.

It has two components:

  • A Portfolio Management System (PMS) that will help transform the way you manage your client portfolios
  • An adviser portal with a Client Relationship Management system (CRM), allowing you to spend more time serving clients and less time on administration

The modules of Nexus Wealth work together, but are also available separately.


PMS: Key Benefits to You

  • One of the most advanced portfolio management systems available, the Nexus Wealth PMS makes managing your investors’ portfolios faster, simpler and much more efficient
  • It enables you to drive efficiencies across your firm and focus on your most important priority: helping your clients achieve their financial goals
  • You can choose from a wide range of investment professionals’ metrics for assessing and analysing performance. Based on this analysis, you can create market-leading performance reports that can be easily tailored for your clients
  • The superior functions make it easy for you to meet your regulatory requirements and the embedded portfolio notification system alerts you immediately to any potential compliance breaches
  • The system also identifies key changes which means it is easy to pick up a possible drift from portfolio tolerances, allowing you to manage exceptions seamlessly
  • The mass rebalancing of portfolios feature could save you weeks of administration work, saving staff time and costs


Adviser Portal with CRM: Key Benefits to You

  • The portal is fully integrated with Pershing’s existing systems, making it easier for your IT and operational staff, as they will only have one supplier to manage
  • Automated task capabilities, which are integrated with Microsoft Outlook, to allow you to manage your clients through the whole advice process
  • Straight-through processing means there is no need to re-key information, improving accuracy, efficiency and audit trails
  • The system is web-based with excellent mobile functions, so you can work anywhere, on almost any device
  • Choose how you communicate with clients: online chat, video, secure messaging, etc.
  • All communications with your clients are recordable, helping you to be MIFID II compliant
  • The mapping function allows you to easily see where all your clients are located, to help plan client visits more effectively

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