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Integrated, Digital Front-End Solutions

Transform and Grow Your Business

Pershing offers a powerful professional portal and an investor portal for wealth managers and advisers that work seamlessly together.

Nexus Wealth® and Nexus Investor® are fully integrated with Pershing’s core technology systems, giving you easy access to our award-winning custodian and investor services. 

With Nexus Wealth® and Nexus Investor®:

  • You only have one relationship to manage
  • You benefit from the updates and upgrades integrated with Pershing’s infrastructure
  • Everything works together

These front office functions give you an off-the-shelf, straight-through processing system that streamlines your operations and significantly improves your business efficiency.


Professional Portal: Nexus Wealth®

A professional platform with integrated CRM that enables you to deliver improved service levels, manage client accounts more easily and develop new revenue opportunities. You can also use the integrated portfolio management system.


Investor Portal: Nexus Investor®

An intuitive web-based platform, branded with your corporate identity, which gives your clients access to their investments, documents, market news and alerts via their mobile, laptop or tablet.

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