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Banks and Broker-Dealers

Focus on Innovation and Growth

Banks and broker-dealers face increasingly complex industry demands. The compliance and regulatory landscape are constantly evolving. Capital requirements have become even stricter. And the cost of replacing outdated technology, coupled with additional demands on operational efficiency, are eroding profit margins and impede on revenue streams.


Pershing can carry out many of these operational burdens for you, allowing you to focus on developing your core revenue-generating business lines. We do this by providing you with front, middle and back office services across the full trading lifecycle, from execution to clearing, settlement and custody.


What We Offer Banks and Broker-Dealers

  • The freedom to focus on future growth, rather than on infrastructure, technology and operations
  • Solutions to help future-proof your business
  • Variable cost model reducing significant fixed cost
  • Technically robust and compliant solutions across jurisdictions
  • Minimised risk and increased operational efficiency
  • Streamlined processes and operations
  • Easy expansion into new markets

Our Solutions

Back and Middle Office Services

Gain efficiency and reallocate your resources to growing your business.

Clearing, Settlement and Custody

Our scalable operations can help replace your high fixed costs with variable costs and KEEP ahead of ever-changing regulations.

Ask how we can help transform your business


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