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Back and Middle Office Services

Partner with a Market Leader to Support Your Trade Lifecycle Management

Back and middle office are key functions within financial organisations. But how much do they cost you in terms of headcount, technology and regulatory compliance?


When you partner with Pershing, you can streamline both your back and middle office workflow. You can also reallocate resources to where they should be focused—on front office core competencies such as sales, research, client relationships and building your brand.


We provide integrated end-to-end trade lifecycle management—from execution to custody.

  • A one-stop solution from a proven, trusted provider
  • Choose from bespoke or off-the-shelf outsourcing solutions
  • Replace fixed costs with variable costs

Grow Your Business

Gain access to a global network of market specialists, allowing you to expand your business and rapidly enter new markets.

Remain Compliant

Enjoy peace of mind that our resources, services and systems are compliant with current regulatory requirements. They also are future-proofed against continual market and regulatory changes, such as MiFID II/MiFIR and Operational Resilience.

Cut Costs and Mitigate Risk

Reduce operational risk by outsourcing to a specialist leader and reduce capital requirement and costly IT and infrastructure updates.

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Clearing, Settlement and Custody

Work with a firm that focuses on clearing, settlement and custody as a core business.

Solutions for Banks and Broker-Dealers

Our expertise throughout the trade lifecycle can help reduce costs, increase efficiency and minimise risk. You will also be technically robust and compliant.

Solutions for Wealth Managers and Advisers

By using Pershing as a provider for your business processes and systems, you can focus on your core skills and competencies.

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