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Flexible Custody Solutions to Suit Your Clients

When it comes to custody, you want to rely on the market leader. Our parent company, BNY Mellon is the one of the world's largest custodians and Pershing is committed to the safekeeping, servicing, segregation and reporting of our global client assets.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or Fully Disclosed Solution

We offer a choice of a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or a fully disclosed solution. With a BPO solution, Pershing is not disclosed to your client and you use your own name and balance sheet to support transactions, with associated capital and liquidity requirements. The fully disclosed model is an investor custody solution. Pershing is disclosed to your client as the custodian of their assets. Under a fully disclosed solution, trade and settlement risk, related regulatory obligations, capital and asset liquidity requirements and custody, transfer from you to Pershing. Pershing also takes responsibility for custody operations (such as dividend entitlement and corporate event notification) and regulatory reporting.

UK and International Custody Services

In addition to our custody service in the UK, we also offer international custody through Pershing (Channel Islands) Limited. If you need custody in Europe outside the UK, we can provide it through Pershing Securities International Limited in Dublin.

Pershing's Fully Disclosed Solution

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