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Investor Reporting

Provide Your Clients with Clear and Detailed Reports

Pershing is able to support a number of regulatory and other reports to your investors through the production of high-quality, brand endorsed, customised reporting.

Superior Valuation Reports


By choosing Pershing, you have access to valuation reports that bring clarity to your clients and enable you to offer an enhanced level of service.

  • Clear graphical representation of investment results
  • Intuitive design, flow and layout
  • Customisable, to include investment commentary, performance and asset allocation
  • Top level information followed by more detailed breakdowns

Investor reporting includes:

  • Consolidated tax vouchers (CTV)—available in a UK, Irish and European savings directive format, including information on Offshore Reporting Funds (OFR/ERI)
  • Contract notes—white-labelled contract notes of your investor transactions.
  • Ex-post costs and charges disclosure—annual ‘ex-post costs and charges disclosure’ detailing the actual costs and charges incurred by investors’ portfolio
  • Custody statements—under a fully disclosed model, Pershing, as the custodian, has the regulatory obligation to provide custody statements to investors who hold assets in Pershing’s custody
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Statement

Reinforce Your Corporate Branding

Reports are white-labelled to be branded with your own corporate identity, reinforcing your brand recognition.


Greater Clarity

Your clients have easy access to the information they need and clear visibility to make the decisions they need to take to pursue their future financial goals.



Improved Level of Service

Our valuation reports communicate the quality of the service you provide and establish a sense of trust and confidence through a document that is easy to understand.

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