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A Flexible, Cutting-edge Prime Brokerage Platform

Pershing is uniquely positioned to develop innovative technology for hedge fund and '40 Act fund managers. That's because we can leverage our enterprise-wide investment in NetX360®—our front-to-back-office, open-architecture platform, used by over 100,000 financial professionals worldwide.

Anytime, Anywhere Portfolio Access

Conveniently manage portfolios online.

  • Transparent, global, 24/7 online access to real-time intraday activity, positions, balances and market valuations
  • Online short stock locates, trade capture, and advanced reporting
  • Online access with views into both custody and portfolio accounting systems
Open Architecture

Our flexible technology aligns with your infrastructure.

  • Dedicated prime services data warehouse portfolio analytics
  • Portfolio accounting available to all clients through Advent Software’s Geneva® platform
  • Flexible information delivery daily via FTP/email data files or reports tailored to your needs
Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Sophisticated data file and reporting capabilities include customizable formats with multiple delivery options.

  • Integration with administrators, risk vendors, order management systems and direct market access solutions
  • Support for data warehousing and Geneva®-based portfolio reporting
  • Support for both browser and .net-based configurations; as well as mobile operating systems

Our groundbreaking collateral management solution enables online, automated selection and movement of collateral between custodian and prime broker.


PrimeConnect gives unprecedented transparency and online control of collateral selection and movement to hedge fund managers who use a custodian to hold unencumbered assets. It helps reduce exposure to traditional prime brokers, eliminate manual processes, and lower operational cost.

  • Automated credit and risk approval process
  • Online real-time margin calculator
  • Consolidated portfolio view
  • Opportunity to enhance returns through our online fully-paid lending portal, including real-time calculations of potential income
  • Access to monitor transactions at every phase of the process

PrimeConnect40 is designed for ‘40 Act fund managers using the tri-party structure to support alternative strategies. It automates the process of moving assets between an unencumbered bank custody account to a special custody account that holds collateral to support shorting and financing done at Pershing.

  • Automated credit and risk approval process
  • Online real-time margin calculator
  • Consolidated portfolio view
  • Access to transaction status at every phase of the process
  • Real-time transaction updates identifying the location of collateral at any time
  • Expedited startup and integrated onboarding for BNY Mellon clients
  • Counterparty strength and global resources of BNY Mellon

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