Capital Introductions

A New Approach to Capital Introductions

For investment managers looking to expand their investor networks, learn more about allocator perspectives, or discuss product positioning, Pershing’s bespoke Capital Introductions services help augment your existing marketing activities.


Our Cap Intro team facilitates targeted introductions across the U.S. so that managers can develop new relationships with professional investors, focusing on quality matches based on investor preferences. Our team connects hedge fund and other alternative investment managers with a variety of allocators, including:

  • Consultants and OCIOs
  • Endowments and foundations
  • Fund-of-funds
  • Hospital systems
  • Independent wealth managers
  • Insurance companies
  • Pensions
  • Private banks
  • Single family offices


In addition, our team shares investor views on new product launches, marketing material, and ways to stay engaged with investors throughout the capital raising process.

Prioritizing products for improvement

Cap IntroGraphics

How are allocator preferences for particular strategies and fund attributes evolving in today’s unpredictable market? Explore the latest investor trends and perspectives in our new series, Cap IntroGraphics.

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