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Pershing's next generation custodial platform 

NetX360+ represents a robust set of custody solutions designed to meet the needs of broker-dealers, registered investment advisors and bank-trust firms, all from one platform. Its scale and flexibility are designed to support your business model now and in the future.


Rely on a trusted and open technology network.


Providing an end-to-end platform that enables firms to execute trades, settle transactions and manage custody assets across all aspects of current and future business activities.


Delivering a global platform that can adeptly scale up or down according to what a firm and its clients require. We’re trusted with over $2 trillion in client assets, demonstrating our stability, capacity and experience to grow as your firm grows.


Helping you address the ever-evolving needs of your clients. Access an array of technology, investment, retirement, advisory and high-net-worth solutions, including proprietary solutions offered by BNY Mellon Advisors.


Enhancing your tech stack with the ability to connect to hundreds of third-party providers through Wove Connect.


Proving our commitment to clients through real-life experiences –like natural disasters and the global pandemic – where we kept the lights on and allowed clients to thrive. We are 100% dedicated to protecting, servicing and reporting assets for our clients through all conditions.

Save time.

NetX360+ dashboard

Manage all of your Pershing-custodied client accounts in one place

Seamlessly manage trust and brokerage accounts in a single platform. Research across multiple asset classes including investment solutions from BNY Mellon Advisors and third-party asset managers.

NetX360+ dashboard with personalized content

Access what you need when you need it

Easily assess your client relationships at a glance and surface potential service and growth opportunities through a streamlined experience.

NetX360+ dashboard

Accelerate the way you work

Machine learning speeds up your search and navigation the more you use the platform by getting to know your preferences and workflows.

A trusted custody experience


A reimagined simple, intuitive and personalized experience for advisors.


Improve operational efficiency the smart and convenient way.

Implementation and Training

Leverage consulting, implementation, and training support for the platform.

Streamline your operations

From client onboarding, asset movement and trading tools, to integrated document management rules-driven processing and real-time alert workflows, we have end-to-end solutions to help drive greater operational efficiency and productivity for your firm.

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