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Money in Motion

How are investors changing their alternative investment allocations in 2024?

Pershing's Capital Introductions team meets with private wealth and institutional investors to gain insights on investments in the current marketplace. The team recently surveyed more than 60 investors to understand money in motion, such as changes they may be considering to their asset allocations and hedge fund portfolios in 2024. 

Find out what the survey uncovered below.



Cap IntroGraphics: Money in Motion

What do investors have in store for alternative asset class allocations in 2024? Check out our survey findings in the latest edition of Cap IntroGraphics.



Navigating the top trends for asset allocation in 2024

Aaron Steinberg, Head of Prime Services Business Development and Capital Introductions, discusses the latest changes investors are making to best position themselves for growth and the most compelling strategies unfolding this year.




Allocators Are Enthusiastic About Your Strategy, but When Will Money Come?



For hedge funds trying to build momentum with investors, 2024 has potential to be a big year for forging investor relationships and receiving new mandates.

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