Securities Lending

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Our securities lending capabilities offer you access to a vast pool of lendable assets—including hard-to-borrow securities—to help you execute your short sale strategies.


As the #1 clearing firm1, Pershing has the largest market share in the U.S. broker-dealer clearing and custody market. With the power of BNY Mellon behind us as a leading agent lender, we continually enhance our securities lending availability. We also provide access to some of the largest lenders in the world to complement our  deep and growing inventory. Our deep supply allows us to offer competitive rates and extensive availability for both fixed income and equity securities.


We can help you:

  • Execute your short sale strategies by gaining access to a large pool of diverse, lendable assets
  • Enjoy competitive pricing by leveraging Pershing's substantial inventory
  • Gain transparency and daily market color from our dedicated and experienced traders
  • Secure quick locates and indicative short financing rates with our real-time locate facility

Gain Efficiency and Transparency

Our securities lending team provides market-leading, daily color commentary and week over week analytics, giving you transparency into existing loans, high borrow pressure securities and Pershing’s available internal inventory. Averaging nearly 25 years of experience, our traders offer market color and trend analysis on both domestic and international asset classes to help facilitate your transactions quickly and seamlessly. Choose from multiple ways to access short sale approvals—use our online locator, query us through a third-party vendor, or, if you prefer, you can call, chat or email our desk.

Monetize Unencumbered Assets


Our fully-paid securities lending program is a turnkey, leading edge solution that enables you to earn income from your fully paid securities. In addition, our PrimeConnect™ application allows hedge funds to lend unencumbered assets held in bank custody to Pershing anonymously. PrimeConnect also offers pre-trade indicative rate transparency—an industry first—to help you gauge the full earning potential of your hard-to-borrow assets. What's more, PrimeConnect is a completely automated online solution unique to Pershing.

1Pershing  LLC is rated the #1 clearing firm ranked by broker-dealer clients (InvestmentNews, 2008-2020)

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