Wealth Reporting and Insights

Wealth Reporting and Insights

Better Reporting. Better Relationships.

A holistic view of investor assets has always been an important strategy. The ability to accurately and clearly illustrate performance and progress towards a goal for any point in time helps the best advisors collaborate with clients more effectively. With Wealth Reporting and Insights, we deliver an accurate, single view of your client’s assets, even those “held away,” to help advisors present a complete financial picture and guide better decision making.

  • Illustrate important concepts: A wide variety of turnkey and custom reports to cover everything you might need to present an accurate, single view of client portfolio information.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard: Instant access to household, account and security level performance information on demand, for any time period. Most importantly, if you chose, the client can be granted access too.
  • Create personalized experiences: Flexibility in design lets advisors efficiently build impactful and personalized reports tailored to the unique needs of clients.
  • Drive efficiency: Spend less time manually entering data and preparing for client reviews and spend more time maximizing client service and building relationships.
  • Keep your data: Retain historical client information even if you change broker-dealers, or pursue an independent route1

Streamline Your Quarter-End Reporting

Accurate performance reporting is an integral part of the wealth management business and is an expectation of your clients. Quarterly Performance Reporting provides access to a comprehensive performance reporting package – meeting your firm’s needs for automated quarterly processing.

  • Performance reports by portfolio, account, asset class, security level, and more
  • Customized cover pages and market commentary
  • Seamless, automated process for delivering reports to your firm

We also offer personalized rate-of-return calculations, configurable reporting packages and flexible delivery. Choose one or all of our performance reporting solutions. Or, you can leverage our data consolidation and performance calculation methods to deliver performance data through your own systems and reporting solutions.

Gain Useful Business Insights

In addition to providing your clients with the performance-related information they need, Wealth Reporting and Insights can also be leveraged to obtain insight into an advisor’s practice. There’s variety of reports that can be used to provide business perspective such as Clients by AUM, Clients by Holdings, Product Distribution and more. By taking advantage of these reports, advisors and their firms are able to gather the insight needed to make informed decisions about their business.

1 With consent to such historical data by the former broker-dealer

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