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Drive efficiency with eDelivery and digital tools

The inefficiencies of relying on paper and paper-based processes can end up costing you and your investors valuable time and resources. Eliminating paper also helps all of us reduce our carbon footprint making it a win-win for the investor and the environment. That’s why, we are leaning in to help the industry eliminate paper and remain committed to helping you transform digitally.

Pursuing an Ambitious Goal: Paper Free

The pandemic illustrated the convenience of digital business processes and eDelivery over traditional paper-based approaches. Now it’s time to take the next step—to put paper behind us and reap the business, environmental and client benefits that digital solutions offer.

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Embrace the benefits of going paperless and transform your business operations. By relying less on paper and paper-based processes, you and your investors can save valuable time and resources.

Streamline Account Communications with eDelivery


As investors place greater emphasis on receiving communications electronically, BNY Mellon | Pershing’s eDelivery can help fill that need. Our eDelivery solution is a simpler, speedier and more secure way for your clients to receive communications and account-related documents, online. Use these resources to drive adoption:

Transfer and Move Money


In today’s consumer-driven world, speed and convenience are the new norm, and these expectations are no different when it comes to saving, investing and moving money. To help you keep pace, we offer a variety of streamlined tools to help you and your clients move money easily and digitally.

  • Multiple options such as ACH, wires, journals, and more.
  • Digital authorization is a streamlined and secure way to obtain approval from your investors on money movement requests.
  • Corestone®, Pershing’s asset management solution, makes it easy for investors to deposit, manage and track their money.

Better Serve Your Clients, Digitally


To better support you and your investors, we’ve reimagined our investor portal to simplify and enhance the overall experience.

  • NetXInvestor, offers your investors instant access to their account information. We’re adopting the latest in design thinking with the goal of providing a leading-edge experience.
  • Enable instant money transfers with real-time payments technology and reduce paper checks.

Drive Efficiency with eSignature


You spend a lot of time prospecting and building client relationships. When it comes time to client onboarding, you can save time and energy by using Pershing’s integrated eSignature solutions.

  • Implementing eSignature allows you and your clients to sign forms electronically without the need to print and sign forms manually.


Build a Transformative Culture

Transformation is on the mind of many financial firms. See how going digital is part of our strategy to deliver high-quality innovation for clients. You’ll also get some tips that can help create meaningful change within your own organization.

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