Data Delivery

Data Delivery

Easily Connect to Data from Multiple Sources

Data Delivery provides a secure, reliable and cost-effective means of receiving consolidated, normalized and high-quality data from multiple custodial and legacy systems to be available at the firm, advisor and investor level. Our clients and third-party providers have the flexibility to integrate this data into their systems to increase usability and efficiency of proprietary applications. This helps to:

  • Improve Efficiency: Leverage one common holistic set of data for operational needs.
  • Support Proprietary Portal Strategies: Supplements data needed for niche market offerings and allows you to integrate a complete enterprise data set into your own systems or third-party applications.
  • Reduce Risk: Decrease integration maintenance and integrity issues that occur when working with multiple data sets.

Critical Data for Your Business Applications

Our Data Delivery solution consolidates transactional-level data from both legacy systems and external custodians using direct data feeds. It also follows a tested and proven process to cleanse, normalize and reconcile the information. This eliminates the integrity issues that occur when working with multiple data sets and offers the flexibility to create an enterprise data warehouse for your firm.

Critical Data on a Predefined Schedule

Data Delivery collects, consolidates and delivers client account information from hundreds of data sources, representing banking, brokerage, insurance, trust and 401(k) assets. On a predefined schedule, a consolidated single client view is delivered on investors, accounts, holdings, transactions, prices, advisor information and more.

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