Managed Accounts Outsourced Services and Support

Managed Accounts Outsourced Services and Support

Optimize Your Business and Increase Efficiency

Leverage our scale and experience to help create a more efficient and cost-effective operating model for your managed accounts solution. We offer a broad range of outsourcing business service capabilities designed to free up more of your time to focus on what matters most: helping clients achieve their goals and growing your business.

Access Best Practices for Structuring Your Operations

The outsourcing solutions you can access can help streamline your business operations—quickly and economically.

  • Transition from a fixed cost environment to a variable cost solution and potentially benefit from outsource opportunities with the greatest impact on your cost model
  • Improve productivity and reduce operating expenses
  • Mitigate risk
  • Speed up implementation and transaction processing
Employ Flexible Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Choose from a wide array of functional outsourcing solutions designed to help you reduce costs and scale your business:

  • Middle and back-office outsourcing: Account opening and maintenance, cash monitoring, reconciliation, money manager support, billing and performance reporting.
  • Trade administration: Trade and rebalance administration, surveillance reporting, model management support and block trading and rebalancing tools.
  • Training: Training and transition support, platform education and implementation and conversion support.
  • Distribution support: Advisor training and events, home office support, advisor marketing support and dedicated regional directors, business development associates and desk.
  • Advisory consulting: Portfolio design and construction, manager research, large case support, portfolio analysis and tax transition analysis provided by our affiliate Lockwood1,2.

1 In providing these services, Lockwood is not assuming responsibility for the advisory firm’s regulatory compliance or providing advice or recommendations directly to investors. The advisory firm is responsible for independently evaluating the output of these services and determining whether or not to implement any practices suggested as a result thereof.

2 Lockwood does not attempt to manage the impact of state, local, or foreign government taxes, nor with respect to Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), estate and gift, or other taxes. Lockwood is not a tax advisor, and is not responsible for, and does not guarantee, that it will minimize the investor's tax liabilities.

All third party marks belong to their respective owners.

For professional use only. Not intended for use by the general public. Pershing does not provide investment advice. Professionally managed investment advisory services, if offered, are provided by Lockwood Advisors, Inc. (Lockwood), a Pershing affiliate and an investment adviser registered in the United States under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Trademark(s) belong to their respective owners.

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