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Manage Both Sides of Your Clients' Balance Sheets

Working with us, you can become the go-to source for virtually all of your clients' credit needs—including consumer borrowing, margin lending, mortgages and fully paid securities lending. Our lending solutions may allow clients to access liquidity without selling off assets or disrupting their investment strategies.

We offer a lineup of competitive solutions to help manage liquidity, enhance investment power and increase income potential.

Margin Lending–CreditAdvance®
  • Expanded investment power to help clients pursue their objectives
Securities-Based Consumer Lending–LoanAdvance
  • Access to a line-of-credit for personal or business needs—from starting a business to consolidating debt—with no immediate requirement to disturb a single investment holding
  • Ability to borrow 70% or more of the market value of qualified securities at competitive interest rates with no established repayment term and no additional fees
Fully Paid Securities Lending*
  • Access to additional revenue opportunities typically available only to institutional investors
  • Enables qualified investors to lend fully paid-for securities in their cash accounts to Pershing with a portion of the income earned shared with the client
  • Maintain positions for purposes of cost-basis calculations, tax lot accounting, hedges and holding representation
  • Buy and sell securities any time without prior notice to Pershing
  • Powerful analytics through OpportunityView™ for Fully Paid Securities Lending—a tool that can help firms and advisors identify clients with hard-to-borrow securities and potential income opportunities

To participate in the Fully Paid Securities Lending program, clients must maintain a minimum of $250,000 in their accounts held with Pershing. Investors should consult their tax advisors prior to participating in this program.

Enrollment in the Fully Paid Securities Lending program does not guarantee that Pershing will actually borrow securities from your clients. Pershing will borrow securities based on the needs of its business.

LoanAdvance may not be appropriate for all investors and the risks should be carefully evaluated. If the market value of your client’s portfolio depreciates, your client may be required to deposit additional funds or marginable securities into the account. LoanAdvance cannot be used for the purpose of: 1) purchasing or trading securities; 2) meeting margin calls relating to securities purchases; or 3) reducing or retiring indebtedness incurred to purchase, carry or trade securities.

*In light of recent regulatory developments and anticipated changes to our Fully Paid Securities Lending program, we are not accepting new participants to our Fully Paid Securities Lending program temporarily. More information on the launch of our updated program will be available in 2021.

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