Alternative Investment Solutions

Broad Selection. Greater Transparency.

Access thousands of alternative investments on our platform—delivering an enhanced client experience and transparency, providing you with a clear, competitive advantage.


Access a full spectrum of alternative investments on our platform:

  • Non-traded REITs
  • Hedge funds
  • Managed futures
  • Funds of hedge funds
  • Business development companies
  • Private equity

Select from more than 3,500 choices, including fee and no-fee options, to efficiently manage alternative investments in retirement and non-retirement accounts.


Provide liquid alternatives through our Fund Solutions including load and no-load mutual funds as well as ETFs.

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Alternative Investment Solutions

Want to diversify client assets with greater transparency and selection?

Greater Transparency

Pershing's integrated platform provides a holistic view of alternative investments that allows:

  • Alternative allocations within the context of a client's overall portfolio, as well as across client accounts
  • Monitoring enterprise-wide exposure, making it easier to plan for liquidity events and identify new investment ideas
  • Consolidated statements and reports displaying a client's complete financial picture

Non-U.S. based individuals can invest in some alternative investments. Participation is based on whether the provider permits this for the specific unregistered fund.

Powerful Research Tools

Access available alternative investments via Pershing's Investment Center—available through NetX360®—making it easier for you to:

  • Screen and filter alternative investments
  • Compare and evaluate non-traded REITs
  • Blue Vault metrics for non-traded REITs

The information provided herein is not an offer to buy or sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any investment product. Pershing LLC does not determine the suitability or appropriateness of any investment product. The introducing broker and advisor are solely responsible for the determination of suitability. Alternative investments are not appropriate for all investors and the risks should be carefully evaluated.


The listing of an alternative investment product on the platform is solely based upon the ability to meet certain eligibility criteria and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any alternative investment, investment manager or strategy. Pershing LLC reserves the right to change or discontinue the availability of alternative investment on the platform at its sole discretion.


Alternative investments are speculative, involve a high degree of risk and may engage in the use of leverage, short sales and derivatives. These investments are designed for investors who understand and are willing to accept these risks. Performance may be volatile, and an investor could lose all or a substantial portion of his or her investment.

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