Case Study: Prioritizing Products for Improvement


This industry-leading insurance and wealth management client needed to expand and enhance their product offering in support of their private client group and improve adoption.


They spent two years establishing and delivering complex solutions that involved multiple parties across their firm, Pershing and third parties. This engagement entailed multiple project requests, cross functional collaboration and a high level of attention to detail.


The partnership was developed to align product priorities and resources both at the client firm and at Pershing. Objectives included improving scale and efficiency for the home office as well as improving the experience for advisors, support staff and the investors they serve. Pershing was charged with delivering enhancements to these products and providing an ongoing effort to improve adoption.


Pershing’s consultants strategically prioritized the products for improvement, built an industry leading SIMPLE IRA solution that far exceeds the product that the client offered previously. The consulting team also expanded the client’s product offering and orchestrated the flawless rollout of an alternative offering for their top advisors. Further, the modular approach of Pershing X with new opportunities like Digital Portfolios and 401(k) data aggregation will be pursued as well.

After adding these product enhancements to their ecosystem, this client saw:


  • 67% Increase in SIMPLE IRA Plans
  • 23% Increase in Lending Balances
  • 47% Increase in Alternative Positions

2022 Q4 CS01 ESC
This case study is not intended to guarantee or represent that all firms will achieve the same or similar results.

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