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We are honoured to have once again been awarded the WealthBriefing European Award for Best Global Custodian to Private Client Businesses.

This recognition acknowledges BNY Mellon I Pershing’s key role in supporting so many wealth management firms. For the broader industry, this pandemic and its ongoing associated challenges have once again highlighted the fact that what matters most when choosing a partner is trust.

With Pershing, the trust our clients place in us allows them to focus on what matters for them: serving their clients and growing their business.

Whether that be for safe custody, taking responsibility for individual client assets under a fully disclosed model, managing investors’ books and records or managing all corporate events or income processing—our services offers clients peace of mind.

But this recognition does not mean that we are resting on our laurels. We do not take our clients’ business for granted and never will. Instead we see it is a testament to our unrivalled expertise and will continue to work for our clients each and every day.

Strength and Resilience 

The twin challenges of a global pandemic and some of the fastest moving markets most of us have ever seen have brought robustness and resiliency right back into focus. Keeping clients’ assets safe is the absolute bedrock of trust to wealth management.

Pershing is part of BNY Mellon, one of the world’s largest custodians and a Global Systemically Important Bank (G-SIB) as defined by the Financial Stability Board and other authorities. As such, the organisation is held to higher standards and requirements than most others. Clients have increasingly paid attention to the robustness of our client asset protection and the strength of our balance sheet. Pershing’s fully disclosed, custody solutions across the UK, Channel Islands and Ireland have proved popular with both established and new entry firms. Our robustness was proven again when we were able to move quickly to work from home without stopping services or reducing security. Our traders might be ‘WFH’ but all regulatory requirements for call recording, best execution etc. are still being met

We have also seen increased demand for our trading and execution services. Our ability to provide best execution and often improved liquidity together with a pay-as-you-go model versus the fixed costs of an in-house desk have proved popular.

Pershing always supports our clients to evolve and grow their business safely and efficiently – whether that is processing the huge trading volumes of recent times or collaborating on how best to meet the never ending flow of new regulations.

Pershing’s Growth

Pershing has been in the UK and Europe for 33 years. Our recent history has been one of transformation and remarkable growth – significantly outperforming the market. Much of this is due to our revised modular approach and to our belief in long term partnerships. We’ve worked closely with clients to support their growth plans and our modular offering allows clients to start and stop various services as it suits their business best. We’ve on-boarded new and very fast growing clients and worked with them to develop the best ways of working.

Always Evolving

At the heart of our business are our outstanding professionals. Deeply experienced, our people specialise in ensuring we are both “always on” and “always evolving”. We will always support our clients to evolve and grow their business safely and efficiently – whether that is processing the huge trading volumes of recent times or collaborating on how best to meet the never ending flow of new regulations. Our business is one of trust. All our people know that. We work hard to win it and then keep it.

Navigating Uncertainty

It is in difficult times that our clients see what they are really buying. Since the beginning of the 2020 lockdown period, we have fully maintained our services to clients. Our previous investment in people, technology and infrastructure globally, combined with a rapid implementation of robust business continuity plans, were critical in being able to deliver this. Like everyone else, we didn’t know it was coming but we were still ready for it.

Every one of our clients is different. We serve platforms, aggregators and serial acquirers, traditional family offices and some that are hard to categorise. Each client has their own set of priorities but our wide range of service offerings and our belief in partnership means that we are able to keep our individual promises to every client.

At the end of the day, investors shouldn’t have to be concerned about the safety of their assets and nor should our clients. That’s why they choose partners that offer strength, stability and expertise.

This award recognises what Pershing is at its core: a firm that offers certainty and stability for our clients thanks to our market-leading position in providing clearing, settlement and custody.

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