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Dennis Wallestad is the Head of BNY Pershing EMEA and a member of both BNY Pershing’s Global Executive Committee and BNY EMEA Executive Committee.

Dennis leads the EMEA teams to realise the next phase of growth, unlocking opportunities for Pershing Limited in the UK, Channel Islands, Ireland and the EU to partner with financial institutions and help them simplify their business, scale for growth and better serve their clients.

Prior to joining Pershing Limited, Dennis held various roles including CEO, COO and CFO of Pershing Australia. Subsequently Dennis was an advisor to BNY Pershing’s global Chief Executive Officer until taking the role in BNY Pershing EMEA. Prior to joining Pershing Limited Dennis worked at Opportunity International, a firm dedicated to alleviating the cycle of poverty in Africa and Asia. Prior to that Dennis held various senior positions including EMEA Chief Financial Officer at JPMorgan Chase, Chief Financial Officer for the Treasury & Securities Services group at JPMorgan and Chief Financial Officer at Pershing LLC.  

Dennis earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Auburn University and holds a Master’s degree in Accounting from Oklahoma University.