Investment Research

Access Insights Typically Reserved for Large Institutions

BNY Mellon Advisors, Inc. can provide institutional-quality research across markets, portfolio construction, manager due diligence and ongoing monitoring. BNY Mellon Advisors believes these insights are shaped by three core philosophical pillars:

Long-Term Perspective

Maintaining a long-term investment horizon may help control emotional and behavioral bias that can often lead to poor investment outcomes.

Disciplined Risk Controls

The goal of steady long-term wealth accumulation has a greater chance of being achieved with a bias toward avoiding losses.

Drawing from the strength and experience of BNY Mellon

The process uses the research resources of BNY Mellon, providing capital market, asset allocation and manager selection views.

Looking Behind the Numbers to Pursue Investment Value


Using a clearly defined and repeatable process, BNY Mellon Advisors evaluates multiple strategy inputs as they relate to economic outlook, capital markets expectations, asset allocation and portfolio construction. It then employs its experience, analytic technology and committee-based decision-making process to conduct manager due diligence and ongoing monitoring2 based on multiple factors, from organization and personnel to philosophy and process to implementation, and performance.


The team works hard to seek to stay ahead of the curve as market signals and the evolving financial landscape dictate change. They can help you in your efforts to do the same by three core philosophical pillars:

Evaluating the Investment World from Multiple Angles

Working with BNY Mellon Investor Solutions Manager Research

1 BNY Mellon Advisors receives certain research services from the BNY Mellon Investor Solutions Manager Research Group in manager research, due diligence and ongoing monitoring.
2 This service relates to the managers and investment vehicles under BNY Mellon Advisors’ research coverage process.


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