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What should we expect in 2021? The only thing we know for certain is how much we don’t know about the year ahead. That’s why it’s vital to be prepared for the many risks facing your firm. Use this risk mitigation guide from Pershing to protect your clients and practice in an evolving regulatory landscape.

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When you’re responsible for someone else’s wealth, the risks extend far beyond the possibility of actual money being stolen: the reputational damage it may cause you and your firm can be even more devastating. Data protection, privacy and disclosure are sometimes nothing more than business buzzwords. But more often they represent a deep, enduring trend as technological advancements intersect with an increased vigilance regarding the use and ownership of personal information.

Recent high-profile data breaches involving Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and Google (to name just a few) are shining an even brighter spotlight on issues like transparency and data protection. No industry is immune from this changing landscape – certainly not financial services, with its rigorous regulatory oversight, dependency on data collection and inherent reliance on third-party data providers, digital record-keeping and vendor management.

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