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BNY Mellon’s Pershing Unveils New, Centralized Portal for Investment Managers

The new portal enables clients to easily manage and deliver models

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — BNY Mellon’s Pershing (“Pershing”) today unveiled its new manager gateway, a consolidated digital solution that features a centralized portal, delivering simplified account access and a seamless model delivery process.

A successor to the Manager Workstation, Pershing’s Manager Gateway helps asset managers act on service requests and orders with ease, reduces duplicative efforts and automatically collects and processes information on behalf of their clients.

Manager Gateway features a new, intuitive user interface, and includes: 1) an enhanced workstation application that streamlines day-to-day processes for investment managers, and 2) a workflow tool that allows model providers to efficiently create, manage and deliver models to investment professionals.

“Demand for model portfolios continues to rise, as advisors increasingly look to scale their business and focus on delivering added value to clients,” said Sarah Chain, director of global strategy and product management at Pershing. “Manager Gateway will make it easier and more seamless for investment managers to build, manage and deliver models so they can better meet the evolving needs of advisors.”

Enhanced workstation

Available to all investment managers on Pershing’s managed accounts platform, Manager Gateway uses a single ID for easy access to all accounts, account details, billing, corporate actions, transactions and on-demand performance reports. It also eliminates the need for comingled manager codes, delivering better efficiencies to active sleeve managers via a single portal access.

Manager Gateway has a completely redesigned user interface, which includes new features such as type-ahead, expanded search, and on-demand access to reports.

Additionally, managers can customize their view using new context search criteria based on firm, style, investment professional and/or account.

Model workflow functionality

Manager Gateway’s new model workflow functionality automates the historically manual process of delivering models. It supports customizable configurations and workflows by discretionary manager, decreasing the need for investment managers to create and maintain multiple versions of the same model.

“One of the primary pain points for investment managers is the time they spend replicating models for different clients. Manager Gateway simplifies the client service experience so that model providers only need to enter models once before they’re automatically routed to investment professionals,” continued Chain.

As new models are added or updated, discretionary managers receive alerts and can set up manual or automatic approvals, eliminating an extra step for investment professionals. Configurations to adjust cash allocations are also available.

Full Access by End of Q2 2020

Approximately 400 asset managers who deliver advisory investment solutions to Pershing clients are expected to have access to Manager Gateway enhanced workstation by the end of Q4 2019. A phased migration to the new model workflow functionality will begin in Q4 2019, with completion also expected by midyear 2020.

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