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BNY Mellon’s Pershing Increases Investment in the Advisory Experience

Supporting the industry’s move toward an experience-forward mindset, firm expands its team of consultants and doubles down on advisor-led experiences

DENTON, Texas — Presenting at the T3 Advisor Conference in Denton, Texas, BNY Mellon’s Pershing ("Pershing") called on advisory firms to re-think their business models and technology platform strategy in light of the industry shift from an investment-forward to an experience-forward mindset.

To support this transition, Pershing is accelerating its investment in two core areas: hiring more specialized talent and designing advisor-led experiences.

“The most successful advisory firms are building their technology framework around their optimal client and the experience they want to deliver to that client,” said Christina Townsend, head of Advisor Solutions Platform Strategy, during her session, “Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Maximize Your 2019 Results Through Technology.”

“Transformation isn’t easy,” added Townsend. “What’s most important when designing an experience is focusing beyond the task at hand and considering how it adds value to the advisor-client relationship.”

Investing in Specialized Talent

As defining the right technology strategy becomes increasingly more complex, advisory firms are looking for partners to guide them as they evolve.

In response, Pershing is expanding its team of technology consultants, who will work side-by-side with advisory firms, with the sole focus of helping them achieve their digital transformation goals—regardless of how they choose to consume Pershing technology.

“Whether advisory firms leverage Pershing technology, choose to integrate third-party solutions, or create their own experiences, our goal is to help them build their optimal client experience—and not to lock them into one way to do it,” said Townsend.

Designing Advisor-Led Experiences

In creating an optimal solution, Pershing is taking an outside-in approach, making the advisor—not the custodian—the center of the experience.

To that end, Pershing is investing in tools designed to enhance collaboration between advisors and investors based on investor preferences.

Further, the firm is building a solution that will soon support mobile alerts for cash disbursement authorization and verification. When an investor initiates a transaction, the advisor will be able to send a notification to the investor’s mobile device to let them know that the request to move money is ready for approval. The investor will then log on to Pershing’s NetXInvestor® portal and approve the transaction with one click. The solution will deliver investors the digital mobile experience they are accustomed to, while keeping the advisor in the forefront.

“Our goal is to deliver solutions that help advisory firms interact and engage investors in new ways,” said Townsend. “Success is about them, not us. Whether it’s advancing our own solutions, deepening our integrations with select providers, or collaborating with the biggest fintechs, we are committed to helping clients stay ahead of the rapid changes in technology and deliver the most desirable and engaging experiences to investors.”

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