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Adopt a School

Get Involved

Pershing is committed to inspiring the financial services community to improve financial literacy among high school students.

The Adopt-a-School team supports this commitment by offering advisors two different paths to improve their local communities by establishing a personal economics curriculum in schools.

Sponsor a Turnkey

Together with leading digital education company, EVERFI, we’ve implemented a turnkey digital personal finance curriculum.

EVERFI assists with school outreach, program implementation, teacher training and other guidance to help students gain the knowledge they need to make sound financial decisions as they move into adulthood.

Our EVERFI relationship allows us to offer a select number of sponsorship opportunities to our clients.

Blaze Your Own Trail

Blaze your own unique path in your community. We’ll provide:

  • Templates and materials to help you take action in your high school
  • A network of motivated individuals working toward your same goal
  • Financial education success stories that provide inspiration and ideas



Make a difference

Visit the program site to learn more and sign up to help build stronger financial futures!

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