Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Electronic Delivery: More convenient, secure and flexible

When you enroll in electronic delivery (e-delivery), you can view communications such as account statements, trade confirmations, tax documents and more, online. Historical account data is available from the day you sign up, and you are making an environmentally friendly choice.1

Take advantage of important benefits such as:

  • Convenience: Access, download, print and e-mail your account communications from virtually any computer, at any time.2
  • Increased Security: Access your account communications within a password-protected environment, reducing the risk of identity theft by eliminating paper delivery of sensitive financial information.  
  • Centralized Record Keeping: Eliminate paper clutter at home and quickly search for the account communications you are looking for online.

Contact your financial organization for more information.

1 Account statements are available for 10 years, trade confirmations for six years and tax documents for seven years.

2 Requires access to the Internet and the ability to view PDFs.