Advisors in Transition

Advisors in Transition

Don't just break away, break through

Today, more and more financial advisors are choosing independence as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) – from starting their own firms to joining an existing firm or something in between. If you are thinking of transitioning your business, our Wealth Solutions business can help with the support, solutions and insights you need to establish your business and map out a long-term strategy for success.

Explore your options

Advisors transitioning their business model have more options than ever before. Our team will help you explore your options for independence, understand the differences among various RIA models, and determine the right fit for your business objectives and aspirations.

Unlock the benefits of entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial benefits of the RIA model include the freedom to create a business that matches your vision and the flexibility to choose the products, services and business methods that best suit your clients’ needs. You can:

  • Increase your “payout” by owning the P/L of your firm or partnering with an existing independent firm
  • Build the equity of your business towards a potentially sizable liquidity event in the future
  • Gain greater autonomy and control over the advisor and client experience
  • Create your own dynamic culture
Understand the economics of independence

The economics of starting or joining an RIA firm can be attractive. Pershing can guide you through the financial decision-making process and has tools to help with your analysis including:

  • Customized financial analysis specific to your business
  • Comparison of current value vs. future value of establishing your own firm
  • Assessment of start-up costs for clear visibility into the transition from employee to owner
  • Reviews of key business metrics to help you manage and grow your firm
Transition with confidence

The successful transition of your existing clients is critical to your new business, though you don’t need to manage this process on your own. You and your transition specialists will work closely to develop a customized plan that ensures a seamless transition for your clients.

Ready to get started on your journey?

We’ll help you move forward with confidence and guide you through the important decisions to consider when making a move. Our expertise and connections with critical consulting services will get your new business off the ground—selecting software, marketing your services, addressing legal and insurance considerations, and more. Contact us today.

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