Professional Workstation

Digital technologies are playing a critical role in the Advisor/Investor relationship today more than ever before. BNY Mellon | Pershing’s industry-leading technology enables you to adapt to the evolving ways your clients want to do business—now and in the future.

The NetX360® professional workstation allows your firm to efficiently manage business – from client onboarding and CRM to trading, operations and reporting.

Download the NetX360 Mobile app to get started now:

Here are the essential digital solutions you will need for your business go digital:

  1. eDelivery
    Your clients can receive statements, confirmations, shareholder information, account notifications and letters online to eliminate mail to their home and expedite access by utilizing eDelivery.


  1. eSignature
    Streamline client onboarding with our integrated eSignature solutions. You have the ability to pre-populate data from source systems, NetX360 or your own CRM with a digital signature.


  1. Money Movement
    Quickly and easily move money and securities in and out of client accounts through NetX360. Initiate federal fund wires, checks and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions online, including outbound third-party. Mobile Check Deposit gives you and your clients a fast and easy way to deposit checks from any mobile device.

    For investors wanting to establish an electronic checking account and/or debit card, Pershing’s asset management account, Corestone®, offers Electronic-Only accounts via eSignature. Corestone offers digital payment options:

    • Authorized debits and direct deposits (ACH debits/credits)
    • VISA® Debit Card
    • Mobile wallet options, such as Apple Pay® and Google Pay
    • Peer-to-peer (P2P) payments


  1. Collaboration Tools
    My Client View allows you to see what your client is seeing in the investor portal, NetXInvestor®, enabling a more efficient and productive online interaction. One-Time Passcode (OTP) provides NetX360 users a greater level convenience and security from unauthorized access with a simplified secure login process.


  1. Alerts and Notifications
    NetX360 keeps you on track with Alerts and Notifications which are fully integrated with workflow protocols. They can be customized to trigger based on status changes for an account, updates from your clients or completion of specific processes.


  1. Analytics and Reporting
    NetX360 Analytics provides valuable intelligence from business data, including the ability to track new asset flows and business performance while excluding market fluctuations.
    • Dashboard Insights provide performance measurements across your firm
    • OpportunityView®—or Fully-Paid Securities Lending identifies appropriate investors and the total revenue opportunity to your firm*
    • Wealth Reporting and Insights delivers an accurate, single view of all of your clients’ assets via an online dashboard or versatile reports for individual clients or user-defined portfolios
    • Report Center provides an intelligent search capability and a report building wizard.


  1. Education and Resources
    Pershing provides access to a large number of educational resources, online trainings, guides and how-to videos for helping you go digital in a secure and easily accessible environment.



*In light of recent regulatory developments and anticipated changes to our Fully Paid Securities Lending program, we are not accepting new participants to our Fully Paid Securities Lending program temporarily. More information on the launch of our updated program will be available in 2021.