Professional Workstation

The NetX360® professional workstation allows your firm to efficiently manage business – from client onboarding and CRM to trading, operations and reporting.


Download the NetX360 Mobile app to get started now:

Here are a few noteworthy NetX360 features to Go Digital.

  1. Mobile Check Deposit
    Mobile Check Deposit gives you and your clients a fast and easy way to deposit checks from any mobile device. Access step-by-step instructions in the NetX360 Mobile User Guide starting on page 48.
  1. My Client View
    My Client View allows you to see what your client is seeing in the investor portal, NetXInvestor®, enabling a more efficient and productive online interaction. Learn more on accessing My Client View on page 67 of the NetX360 Getting Started User Guide.
  1. [NEW] One-Time Passcode (OTP)
    OTP provides NetX360 users a greater level convenience and security from unauthorized access with a simplified secure login process. Review the entitlements and learn how to setup your OTP starting on page 7 of the NetX360 Getting Started User Guide.
  1. Trading
    You can access 21 of the most commonly traded markets via NetX360 Order-Entry. Learn more on our trading functionality in the Global Order Entry System (GOES) Guide.

    Block Trading and Rebalancing helps you and your firm manage transactions efficiently. Learn more in the Block Trading and Rebalancing Quick Start Guide.
  1. Online Dashboards and Business Insights
    NetX360 Analytics provides valuable intelligence from business data, and includes Money in Motion, which allows your firm to track new asset flows and business performance while excluding market fluctuations. Learn more in the Dashboard Insights User Guide.
  1. Alerts and Items for Attention
    NetX360 keeps you on track with Alerts and Items for Attention which are fully integrated with workflow protocols. They can be customized to trigger based on status changes for an account, updates from your clients or completion of specific processes. Learn more about our Alerts and Items for Attention in the NetX360 Getting Started User Guide starting on page 68.
  1. Market Data
    NetX360 has an expansive ecosystem of market data, news, research and financial tools from a large network of premium content providers. Learn more in our NetX360 Premium Content Brochure.
  1. [NEW] Performance Reporting
    Wealth Reporting and Insights is an integrated portfolio accounting and performance reporting system that delivers an accurate, single view of all of your clients’ assets. It aggregates client account data viewable via an online dashboard or versatile reports for individual clients or user-defined portfolios. Click here to learn how to access Wealth Reporting and Insights.
  1. [NEW] Managed Account Solutions
    Learn more about Pershing’s fully integrated managed accounts technology designed to support mutual fund/exchange-traded fund (ETF) wrap accounts, separately managed accounts (SMA), unified managed accounts (UMA), third-party model providers and rep advised programs. Contact your relationship manager to schedule a demo.