Go Digital

Institutional Paper Suppression

Unlock the Benefits

So much of today’s technology makes it easier to work with clients. In fact, Pershing’s use of digital and paperless solutions such as paper suppression, eSignature and mobile check deposit are real-time examples of this.

Imagine eliminating paper on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis to deliver a better experience for your clients in addition to expedited document retrieval and stronger client information protection.

Six ways to implement paperless solutions
  1. Relationship Profile Manager’s (RPM) Institutional Client
    Suppress hundreds of welcome letters, statements and change of account information letters at a client level. Cash on Delivery (COD) statement suppression is not dependent on the RPM Institutional Client system and can be used on a standalone basis. Available for COD accounts only.
  2. eDelivery for Confirmations
    Suppress confirmations and other notifications when ID Confirm only is not an option.
  3. Retail Client Experience
    Deliver a simple, safe and secure paperless solution for retail accounts, which may consist of friends and family accounts along with high-net-worth entities, e.g., Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB’s).
  4. Prospectus Amendment
    Eliminate the clutter of physical mail delivery associated with trade away fixed income products, as part of Legend 8 trade activity.
  5. eSignature
    Support Cash on Delivery (COD) accounts that utilize the new DVP/RVP Statement Suppression Form and the COD New Account Form, while retail clients can use eSignature for documents such as ACH agreements, Corestone® and much more.
  6. Mobile Check Deposit
    Provide an easy-to-use solution for any client still sending physical checks to Pershing or your home office.