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As we navigate the extraordinary conditions caused by the global pandemic, BNY Mellon’s Pershing is helping our clients to reduce disruptions to their operations. Due to the rapidly changing environment, we recommend that you and your clients use all the digital tools offered by Pershing. This Go Digital page is a central destination where we will continue to publish popular topics and resources that will help you get started with our digital capabilities.

The solutions on this page are designed to help your business be as efficient as possible. For security reasons, you may be required to authenticate your identity to access some of the content. This is to protect you and your clients in this truly unique global environment. Now, more than ever, and as market conditions continue to evolve, we are here to help support your business.

Go Digital - eSignature

Drive Efficiency with eDelivery

Making eDelivery a priority can be a win-win for firms and clients

Our digital capabilities, such as eDelivery, offer a more convenient, secure and flexible way for your clients to receive and access their important account information.

We are here to make it easy for you -

  • Contact your Relationship Manager or Account Manager to learn more about these capabilities or to discuss other ways in which we can support your business.
  • Use the email template for client outreach.

    Please feel free to use this content for a personalized email approach from your firm to encourage your clients to adopt eDelivery of their Pershing account documents. Clients will have direct links to the Investor Portal and step by step instructions on how to quickly enroll in eDelivery.

    Make sure to customize the bracketed portion of the email template. We’ve included placeholders for your firm name and other pieces of information that you’ll want in the email. Finally, use the content in whatever way works best for you including any other personalized messages.

    RIA to End Investor eDelivery Letter

Process Updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest information and communications around important process changes.

Digital tools for your clients

Investor portal

Your clients can access important account information through the investor portal or through our mobile app. Enrollment is simple and your clients will gain secure access to:

  • Consolidated account information such as balances and holdings
  • Online account documents including statements and tax documents

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Mobile Check Deposit

The mobile check deposit feature—available in the NetX360® app and through the investor portal app—provides a convenient and fast way for you and your clients to deposit checks from any mobile device.

Deposit limits:

  • NetX360: $1 million
  • Investor Portal: $1 million

Mobile check deposit is available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android phones and tablet users.
Note: Mobile check deposit requires iOS 9.0 or higher.


Your clients can receive statements, confirmations, shareholder information, account notifications and letters online to eliminate mail to their home and expedite access.  Learn more about setting up eDelivery in the Investor Portal User Guide starting on page 24.

One-time passcode  

One-time passcode can be set up and configured to streamline password resets, unlock accounts or replace the security questions and answers when accessing from an unrecognized device. Using this feature enables investors to regain access any time of day, without having to make a call request. Learn more in the Investor Portal User Guide for First-Time Login and User ID Communication.

Digital tools for your business


Use our free electronic signature (eSignature) solution to obtain client signatures for transactions. Once your clients sign any document from their mobile device or laptop, the completed form is automatically uploaded to us for processing. There is no need for wet signatures.

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Here are a few noteworthy NetX360 features to Go Digital.

  1. Work Status

    The NetX360 Work Status screen offers you full transparency into your work requests and audit trail captures any actions or responses through the approval process.

  2. Alerts and Items for Attention

    NetX360 keeps you on track with Alerts and Items for Attention which are fully integrated with workflow protocols. They can be customized to trigger based on status changes for an account, updates from your clients or completion of specific processes. Learn more about our Alerts and Items for Attention in the NetX360 Getting Started User Guide starting on page 68.

  3. My Client View

    My Client View allows you to see what your client is seeing in the investor portal, enabling a more efficient and productive online interaction. You can use this view to help your clients as they navigate their initial login and group and create nickname accounts for a more personalized experience. Learn more on accessing My Client View on page 67 of the NetX360 Getting Started User Guide.

  4. Imaged Documents

    NetX360 Imaged Documents enables you to upload, store and manage documents related to client accounts. Learn more on accessing Imaged Documents on page 56 of the NetX360 Getting Started User Guide.

  5. Mobile app

    Download the NetX360 Mobile app to get started now: