Albridge Integration Solutions

Albridge Integration Solutions

Flexible and Open

As technology continues to transform wealth management, many firms are looking to use increasingly powerful integrations to open their platforms, reduce complexity, and connect to multiple third-party providers to add greater value for their advisors and investors. Albridge Integration Solutions can help deliver the frictionless experiences required in today’s environment. Our platform uses a flexible and open framework that allows you to leverage Albridge-consolidated data to power your third-party or proprietary applications.

  • Gain the power to offer differentiated digital experiences that reflect your firm’s value proposition and will help grow client relationships
  • Integrate Albridge Solutions, third-party or your own proprietary applications to create a tech stack that best meets your needs
  • Save time by streamlining manual processes and workflows

Third-Party Integrations

In today’s wealth management, most firms rely on multiple technology vendors to support their advisors and clients. Albridge Partner Network includes relationships with many of the solutions that represent the most valuable parts of the advisor’s value chain such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), financial planning, risk management and more. The result is greater efficiency that allows you to maximize the use of client account data and an integrated technology ecosystem of best-of-breed providers.

Client Integrations

Along with connections to leading-third party applications, our open architecture framework gives you the ability to connect Albridge Wealth Reporting® and Insights to your own custom solutions. There’s a variety of high-quality data sets and services available for integration to drive greater efficiency and value for your firm.

Albridge Solutions, Inc. is a technology provider and affiliate of Pershing LLC