Albridge Data Aggregation

Albridge Data Aggregation

Uncover a Complete Financial Picture

To guide your clients toward their ultimate financial goals, you need a complete picture of their assets. Albridge Data Aggregation affords a holistic view of each client's entire portfolio, including held-away assets. The process includes aggregating enterprise multi-custodial data from hundreds of sources that represent banking, brokerage, insurance, retirement, managed accounts, alternative investments and more. A relentless focus on data quality means clients can rely on timely, accurate and complete information.

  • Coverage: Our platform collects and consolidates information relating to more than 50 million accounts representing $6 trillion assets*
  • Accuracy: Operational controls help ensure data accuracy through all phases of the data management life cycle
  • Timeliness: Drive greater insights for your business built on timely information
  • Completeness: Disparate data sources are normalized to Albridge standards ensuring consistency across applications and reports

A Foundation Built on Quality Data

Data quality is essential to your firm’s success. That’s why Albridge Data Aggregation applies numerous business integrity rules and features sophisticated data processing logic to reconcile transaction data with position data, resulting in timely and more accurate performance reporting data.

Albridge Data Quality Benchmarking

Albridge Data Quality Benchmark scorecards provide data quality metrics at the client, data source and product company level. They’re designed to give financial institutions a clear picture on the quality of their data included in Wealth Reporting and Insights relative to their market segment. The goal is to set a standard for data quality throughout the industry, by measuring data quality at the client, data source and product company level.

Albridge Data Quality Forum

The Albridge Data Quality Forum brings together a community of financial service professionals representing Albridge clients, partners, data providers, product companies and our own data management experts. Together we set out to tackle data challenges facing our industry.

Gain Even Deeper Insights

Our solutions help redefine how data is managed and used across financial organizations. Integrations with Morningstar® ByAllAccountsSM supplement our own data aggregation—with advisor/investor access to thousands of financial institutions—to provide an even deeper view of the client's portfolio.

  • Increases visibility of funding sources, such as balances in bank accounts and money funds
  • Enhances the accuracy and value of allocation programs by covering more assets
  • Helps to expand an advisory relationship, allowing an advisor to potentially gain wallet share
  • Identifies cross-sell and service expansion opportunities that deepen client relationships
  • Offers the option of self-service tools for personal financial management such as budgeting and spending

* Data as of December 2020.

Albridge Solutions, Inc. is a technology provider and affiliate of Pershing LLC