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Over the past two years, the financial services industry has navigated a historic transformation that has brought digital products and solutions to a new tipping point. As the market continues to expand, you need flexible and streamlined solutions that can help you deliver a timely and engaging digital advice experience. Pershing’s Digital Portfolios can help.

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One of our long-time clients, a leading North American bank, wanted to bring a digital advice offering to its customers to fully capture growth opportunities. It would need a proven solution backed by the experience and technology of a firm like BNY Mellon | Pershing.

What Is Digital Portfolios?


Digital Portfolios is a digital advice feature available through our investor portal that’s designed to help you grow your business, improve efficiency, and gain a sustainable edge in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace. It includes self-service technology and managed account capabilities so that your investor clients can open online investment accounts through a short series of questions that help them select a professionally advised portfolio aligned with their financial goals and risk tolerance.

How Digital Portfolios Can Help You

  • Address client expectations for a streamlined investing experience with an easy to implement digital advice solution configurable to the needs of you and your investor clients.
  • Go for growth by connecting with new investor clients and digital capabilities to onboard new investment accounts.
  • Drive greater efficiency for your firm and advisors to engage with a broader group of investor clients and scale your business

Fast and Flexible

  • Digital Portfolios is a highly configurable solution that can be easily implemented to get to market fast.
  • You have the option to tailor nearly everything from the risk-tolerance questionnaire and scoring to fees and disclaimers.
  • Flexibility in investment options also gives you the option to use your own investment solutions, or the investment solutions from leading third-parties.

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