Collateralised Lending

Collateralised Lending

Offer Your Clients More Solutions With an Equity-Based Loan

A collateralised loan from Pershing is a straightforward way to offer a lending service. With this capability, clients borrow money against the assets held in their investment portfolio. We accept a wide range of securities, including FTSE 350 equities and daily-priced UK registered collective investment funds.

  • Release liquidity from your clients' portfolios which can be used, for example, to provide finance to buy a business, settle tax bills or pay inheritance tax
  • No need for your clients to sell shares (potentially triggering a capital gains payment) if they require money
  • Loans can be used for any purpose, except for buying property
Straightforward Application and Transparent Charging

Valuation and approval decisions are usually available quickly. There are no application fees, termination fees, or early redemption penalties. And there is no repayment schedule—your clients can pay back the loan in part or in full at any time, without penalty or charge.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Offering collateralised loans broadens your product proposition and helps keep your clients on board. By working with Pershing, you can propose more solutions to your clients and help them manage complex financial lives.

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