Integrated Digital Front-end Solutions

What is Big In Our World: Technology

August 22, 2019

Pershing provides a digital client management and portfolio management tool, Pershing Nexus Wealth®, and investor portal, Pershing Nexus Investor®. This added front office functionality to our award-winning custodian and outsourcing services to create a fully integrated, straight-through processing solution for wealth management clients.

As a specialist provider of trading, clearing, settlement and custody solutions, we offer clients live integration between our services and many third-party customer relationship management, data warehouse and front-end solutions. With Pershing Nexus Wealth and Pershing Nexus Investor, clients have the option of implementing a single, integrated off-the-shelf, straight-through processing solution. Working with one supplier simplifies initial set-up and minimise ongoing in-house technical support.

Both the professional and the investor portals work across multiple devices and offer recordable and storable communications via online chat, video, phone or email. The investor portal, which can be branded with the wealth manager identity, provides integrated document management to view both Pershing and other client documents. The technology for both Pershing Nexus Wealth and Pershing Nexus Investor is supported by Objectway, an award-winning digital software solutions provider to the financial services industry.

Key features of Pershing Nexus Wealth:

  • Capabilities to allow advisers to manage their clients through the whole advice process
  • Functionality to record risk profiling, investment proposal documents, document management
  • Professional portal to view client portfolios
  • Integrated portfolio management component
  • Integrated CRM system
  • Designed to operate in a post-MiFID II environment

Key features of Pershing Nexus Investor:

  • Investors can check their investments easily and receive alerts on news about their investment
  • Advisers will receive alerts on investors’ activity and investment events
  • Advisers will see investors’ portfolios and can co-browse, enabling easy review and discussion, remotely
  • An omni-channel user experience: clients can communicate across many devices via online chat, video, phone or email