Realizing the Value of Your Life’s Work: Building a Sustainable Succession Plan

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Realizing the Value of Your Life’s Work

A well-crafted succession plan helps Registered Investment Advisor firm owners align their personal goals with their professional goals, as well as align with the goals of the other partners. It can also improve a firm’s business model and valuation. This paper includes the material elements of succession, the advantages of having a succession plan (and the risks of not having one) and the considerations and process to implement succession.

Download our the paper to learn—

  • What Succession is and How it Complements Business, Continuity and Sale Planning
  • How to Overcome Common Pitfalls around Succession
  • How Succession Mitigates Firm Risk and Protects Owner’s Equity
  • Financing Considerations around Succession
  • The Steps in Building a Succession Plan
  • How Succession Improves Firm Value
  • Various Firm Valuation Methods
  • Legal and Tax Implications
  • Succession Resources Available for Advisors

A case study that highlights how one of our clients (Massey Quick Simon) has taken the opportunity to proactively manage its succession plan to help meet the objective of creating a multi-generational firm is also included.

This paper was developed in collaboration with Advisor Growth Strategies, a management consulting firm that works with financial advisory firms seeking to aggressively grow or require assistance in solving critical business management challenges.

BNY Mellon's Pershing Advisor Solutions

BNY Mellon's Pershing Advisor Solutions

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