Investment Insights by Lockwood Advisors, Inc. - Q2:2018

Matthew Forester


Summary of Investment Insights by Lockwood Advisors, Inc.

Second Quarter 2018

After the feast in 2017, this year has so far been a famine. If 2017 provided us with a bounty of stellar returns, 2018 has served up some indigestion through the halfway mark. Despite excellent earnings from corporations gorging themselves on lower corporate tax rates, markets have not yet powered through the multiple concerns of tightening monetary policy, inflation, runaway fiscal policy, a trade fracas, Euroskepticism (opposition to increasing the powers of the European Union), Chinese growth and geopolitical risks.

Investment Insights by Lockwood Advisors

Matthew Forester

Matthew Forester

Matthew Forester is the Chief Investment Officer and Director of Investments for Lockwood Advisors, Inc. and a Director for Pershing, a BNY Mellon company. In his role, Matthew provides input into Lockwood's proprietary investment models and reviews updates for Lockwood’s discretionary products. He is a member of the Lockwood Investment Committee.