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Ben Harrison


Driving Advisor Growth in Today’s Environment

Our industry has continued to consolidate rapidly, with many of our clients considering or taking part in M&A activity as buyers or sellers. In our role as custodian and counselors to clients and prospects, Pershing often provides best practices and resources to help these firms make informed decisions about the strategic pathways available to them.

As an outgrowth of these efforts, we are proud to launch a series of new white papers that demystify the M&A process from different perspectives. We partnered with four leading M&A firms – Echelon Partners, DeVoe & Company, PFI Advisors and Advisor Growth Strategies – to create these resources. Recognizing that there are many categories of players in the M&A space, all of whom we serve, we decided to tailor these white papers to four distinct audiences:

  • First-time or interested buyers
  • Experienced buyers
  • Sellers or potential sellers
  • Firms seeking to formulate a succession plan

To complement these targeted whitepapers, we also will be launching two incubator programs in late 2021, one for sellers and one for buyers. These programs will provide our clients and prospects with strategies and tools to prepare for an upcoming transaction, whether they’re on the buying or selling side of the table.

Preparing for M&A is a major undertaking, which is why Pershing’s business and technology consulting team offers custom consulting engagements and coaching to help you navigate the M&A journey. The team is ready to assist with scenarios that span strategic planning, organic growth, unique value proposition, client experience, human capital and technology strategy.

Pershing will continue to build our resources and consulting relating to M&A to help our clients make informed choices for their firms that can make them more vibrant and resilient.

To learn more about creating an M&A strategy that is right for your business, please reach out to your Relationship Manager.

Download our new whitepaper "Why the Sale of Your Firm Should Be Viewed as a Catalyst for Growth" to examine the various motivations of both Buyers and Sellers to forge ahead and find the right partner that will spur their next level of growth.

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Ben Harrison is a managing director and member of the Executive Committee for Pershing. He is head of our Wealth Solutions segment, which serves wealth-oriented broker-dealers, registered investment advisors (RIAs) and trust companies, and the evolving and converging needs of these clients.

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