Conflicts in a Rapidly Changing Fiduciary Landscape: "Hybrid" Challenges

Conflicts in a Rapidly Changing Fiduciary Landscape:

Financial headlines seem to cover broker-dealer conflicts of interest every day.

Questions about whether, and the degree to which, existing compensation models satisfy appropriate standards of care are at the center of the debate. Both regulators and clients are asking probing questions.

Amid this landscape, Pershing has worked with Thomas Roberts, a member of Groom Law Group’s Fiduciary practice group, to provide you with a solid understanding of the current landscape. Our two-part series focuses on the emerging compliance challenges confronting broker-dealers and hybrid model firms.

Part Two—A Focus on Dually Registered or "Hybrid" Challenges takes a close look at some of the unique concerns confronting the growing number of individuals and firms that have adopted dual registration or hybrid approaches to serving client needs.

Topics include:

  • Key Concepts and Definitions
  • Challenges Under the Federal Securities Laws and FINRA Rules
  • Challenges Confronting Hybrid Firm Advisory and Managed Account Programs

Audience: Advisors, Broker-Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors