Broker-Dealer of the Future II, Part One: Identify Ways Your Firm Can Avoid Commoditization

Advisors have options and have more choices than ever—traditional models are disappearing and the business is growing increasingly complex for broker-dealers and advisors.

The broker-dealer of the future is defined by a value-added relationship and acts as a strategic partner—rather than a supervisory role, otherwise, they risk being a commodity. Stunning Transformation One focuses on creating unique competitive differentiators to set your firm apart. It includes:

• Nine ways to deliver value to advisors, other than payout
• Knowing your firm's niche in the market
• The real reasons why advisors join a firm—and why they stay
• The growing importance of broker-dealer culture and brand image
• The hidden culprits behind advisor attrition
• Understanding the "relationship account"—and how to keep your balance positive

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Audience: Broker-Dealers