Lockwood Whitepaper Suggests Objectives-Based Investing May Help Investors Better Achieve Financial Goals and Enhance the Advisor-Investor Relationship

February 11, 2015

Integrating clients' behaviors, needs and goals evolves the traditional investment approach

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., February 11, 2015 – Lockwood Advisors, an affiliate of Pershing LLC, announced today the release of its latest whitepaper highlighting the benefits of using objectives-based investing, which reflects an evolution in the traditional asset allocation method of portfolio construction. The paper states that an objectives-based approach may increase the likelihood of investors achieving their goals and may help foster more meaningful relationships between financial advisors and their clients.

According to the whitepaper, advisors need to take into account that all investors do not behave rationally and the possible disconnect that could exist between the unique needs of investors and portfolios constructed through traditional asset allocation methods. Objectives-based investing evolves the traditional asset allocation approach, which centers on risk and returns, by seeking to better align investors’ needs, goals and objectives to an investment strategy.

Advisors adopting an objectives-based investing strategy can help investors maintain a long-term view of their wealth and enable advisors to counter client tendencies to make decisions based on short-term market movements. In addition, objectives-based investing may help deepen the relationship between advisors and their clients since they are more likely to have in-depth and ongoing conversations about investors’ personal goals.

Objectives-based investing is intended to help investors adhere to an investment strategy and achieve specific financial goals by reframing investment decisions and portfolio construction and redefining investors’ benchmark. Investment results are measured relative to investors’ ability to achieve personal goals and risk is defined as the likelihood of falling short of those goals.

"We are seeing a growing number of advisors use objectives-based investing strategies in advising their clients and believe it is an approach that more advisors should consider adopting,” said Joel Hempel, chief operating officer at Lockwood Advisors. “Objectives-based investing helps to keep the focus on the big picture and can minimize the chances that investors will be unduly influenced by daily fluctuations in the market that can divert them from long-term thinking."

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