As a business-to-business provider, we keep you at the center of your clients’ financial lives. NetX360+ offers the digital tools you need to streamline your operations and improve the client experience. From integrated document management to rules-driven processing and real-time alert workflows, we have end-to-end solutions to help drive greater operational efficiency and productivity for your firm.

Client Onboarding

With NetX360+, the process to onboard new clients is simple and easy through a single account opening platform for all your business lines including brokerage, bank custody and managed accounts. We offer a seamless and integrated environment that can be customized to suit the way you work and handle every step of the onboarding process, including:

  • Pre-populate applications with existing client data from NetX360+ or your own CRM
  • Initiate multiple accounts for a client at the same time
  • Gather verifiable secure eSignatures and complete the onboarding process in minutes
  • Generate forms whenever necessary
  • Streamline workflow with full audit details

Asset Movement

Our asset movement capabilities enable you to efficiently move money for your clients. We offer options to initiate journals, wires, check requests, ACHs, ACATs, and more with integrated workflow for approvals.

  • Streamlined through a single point of entry ensuring synchronization of data and simplified oversight
  • Visibility into recurring and pending transfers
  • Transparency into status of requests

Trading Tools

Our global multi-currency trading capabilities enable you to efficiently place orders for domestic and non-U.S. securities.

  • Single order entry offers a simple and intuitive tool to quickly enter an order for equities, options, mutual funds, ETFs, and more.
  • Block trading and rebalancing capabilities make it simple to create, maintain and monitor multiple models—allowing you to assign, rebalance and process trades across multiple accounts at once.

Business Process Management

As operations and regulatory costs have grown for many firms, efficiency and scale have become necessary to remain competitive. The advantages of streamlining operations allow you to spend more time focused their clients and less on administrative tasks. Regardless of your approach, NetX360+ is there to help.

In response to the spikes in volatility and volume, many firms have enhanced controls with tools that are flexible and configurable, such as Pershing’s Enterprise Rules Engine™, and other electronic workflow and monitoring tools that can provide greater controls around market activity to allow for business growth while helping to manage appropriate levels of risk.

Work Baskets provides a dashboard of work items you are entitled to process, with quick links to push work items, or view in a list. The Service Center allows a two-way correspondence between operations professionals and Pershing associates to process work while subscribing to real-time alerts and notifications.

Document Management and Workflow

Document Management and Workflow is a SEC 17a-4-storage compliant solution; helping you become more operationally efficient and is scalable for any size office.

  • View, scan, retrieve and approve documents.
  • Save your firm days in processing time and help to reduce Not in Good Order (NIGO) business.
  • Reduce storage and filing costs while ensuring document storage and audit compliance.
  • Automatically initiate appropriate workflows and eliminate the flow of paper with eSignature integration.