Events by Pershing Mobile App

Events by Pershing app

Key Features of This Year's App

Personalized Agenda

With "My Schedule" you can view a personalized listing of all sessions that you registered for, make changes on the go and provide instant feedback for each session.

Networking Tools

Enhance your networking experience at INSITE by sending fellow attendees contact requests through the app. Once your requests are accepted, their information will be accessible through the “My Contacts” menu item inside the app and also can be exported into your device’s contact list.

Location-Based Alerts

Get the most out of your INSITE experience by receiving location-based messages. To do so, please be sure that your device's Bluetooth setting is set to "On."

Integrated Notes

Go paperless by using the app to take notes on sessions, speakers, attendees and sponsors. Digital notes are stored in the app and are accessible under the "My Notes" menu item.

Interactive Maps

Use the maps function for an overview of every location throughout the venue. Easily find conference rooms and sponsors and find local areas of interest.