Corporate Social Responsibility

Invested in Our World

Corporate social responsibility  is the foundation on which our business operates, enabling us to turn everyday transactions into impact that creates stability and growth worldwide. As one of the world’s leading financial services companies, we take advantage of our market leadership by acting as a catalyst for positive change.

We are invested in market integrity, our people, and in our world because these are the priority areas where we can make the greatest impact. Centering our efforts on these priorities helps us deliver exceptional value to our stakeholders and ensure our long-term success.

Invested in Market Integrity

Stable, well-functioning markets help communities around the world grow and thrive. As a leading global financial institution, we have a critical role to play — we want to contribute to the integrity of these markets by conducting business in a reliable, trustworthy manner. We continually innovate to make our business stronger, more efficient and more responsible, creating benefits for our clients and communities. Guided by our company ethics and focused on delivering excellence, we are committed to promoting market integrity through a wide range of actions across multiple businesses, such as the effective use of resources, including those with environmental impacts.

Personally Invested®

Our employees have a wide range of opportunities to give back to their communities. Every year, eligible Pershing and BNY Mellon employees are provided:

  • Three days of paid volunteer time
  • Corporate match to charities for team volunteer time and team fundraising efforts

We also find ways to make a difference right from our desks, helping feed the hungry, donating blood, giving guidance to those who need a second chance, facilitating on-site drives for food, clothing and much more. All of our employees are fully engaged in corporate social responsibility and are personally invested in serving our global communities.

Invested in Our World

Financial services are a central part of thriving markets and communities around the world. We work hard to have a positive impact in our local communities through our services, philanthropic initiatives, volunteering, supplier relationships and respect for the environment. We are focused on helping to deliver solutions for some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Supporting Charities Across the Street, and Across the Globe

With longstanding relationships with global, national and local community charities, our employees strive to make a difference.

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