'40 Act Funds

'40 Act Funds

Pershing Prime Services offers you a comprehensive, integrated suite of global prime brokerage solutions backed by dedicated, high-touch service.

Through our tri-party custody account solution, BNY Mellon and Pershing can facilitate all '40 Act assets, including long assets as required to be held at a bank custodian, and short positions to be held within the firm, to help you improve the operational efficiency of managing your funds.

Integrated Tri-Party Custody Account Solution
  • Dedicated customer service from professionals with extensive market, operational and trading expertise
  • An integrated platform allows for multiple execution alternatives, facilitates short sales and offers a consolidated view of the transaction
  • A variety of securities lending solutions support tri-party accounts, and protects against buy-in and recall risk via Pershing's Securities Lending Desk
  • Multiple financing alternatives tailored to support both taxable and tax-exempt strategies are designed to help you achieve your investment objectives
  • Execution services across domestic and international equity and fixed income products via multiple routes including direct coverage, DMA platforms such as Neovest, or through partners such as BNY ConvergEx Group
  • Custody services from BNY Mellon, including fund administration, accounting and corporate custody services
  • A streamlined process for documentation, account setup and implementation

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