The Second Annual Study of Advisory Success: A New Age of Client Communications and Client Expectations

Audience: Broker-Dealer, RIA

Study of Advisory Success defines what success means for advisors in today’s environment and highlights the most salient issues facing advisors. Pershing’s inaugural study found that the most successful advisors anticipate what will lead the next generation of advisors. This year’s study finds that successful advisors adapt to client communications and client expectations.

To Roth or Not to Roth? That is the Question

Audience: Broker-Dealer

Changes in recent years to the U.S. tax code not only broaden the appeal of Roth IRAs to high-net-worth investors, they also enable advisors to reach out to their clients and prospects with a potentially appealing wealth transfer strategy.

Mutual Fund Only Option for IRAs Fact Sheet

Audience: Broker-Dealer, RIA

This fact sheet outlines the advantages of offering IRAs with the Mutual Fund Only option to clients to potentially attract rollover business.

Lockwood Advisors Inc. Overview Fact Sheet

Audience: RIA, Investor

This fact sheet provides an overview on the benefits of partnering with Lockwood Advisors, Inc. and the team's investment philosophy.

What We Learned on the Road to Launching an Alternative Mutual Fund

Audience: Prime Brokerage

Hedge fund managers and mutual fund companies are eager to bring alternative strategies into the mutual fund space. Is this trend really in the best interests of managers and investors? Which strategies are the best candidates for making the jump? What pitfalls lurk along the way?