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Quarter 1, 2014

Americans Crave a New Kind of Leader— And Women Are Ready to Deliver

The nation is looking for a new kind of leader. From Fortune 500 CEOs to their own immediate bosses, Americans want managers who eschew old-style “command and control” techniques in favor of listening, consultation, coaching and building community. Overwhelmingly, the general population associates these new leadership qualities with women rather than men. Does it follow, then, that Americans want more women in charge? The answer is yes—and no.

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Closing the e-Delivery Gap: The 2013 e-Delivery Survey

The slow adoption of e-delivery is well known and of concern to most custodians and financial organizations. Pershing joined with Beacon Strategies to conduct the 2013 e-Delivery Survey and develop useful, actionable data and analysis that can help executives begin to close the “e-delivery gap.”

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52 Ideas for 52 Weeks: Practice Management Ideas for 2014

Each week Pershing Advisor Solutions offers a best practice to help you sustain and strengthen your business in all market conditions.

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Pershing's Customer Brokerage Statement Ranked Number One in Annual DALBAR Survey

Pershing’s customer brokerage account statements received the number-one ranking from DALBAR Inc. in its 16th Annual Trends and Best Practices in Investor Statements for 2013. Pershing was also once again recognized with DALBAR's prestigious "Excellent" designation, which the firm first received in 2004 and has maintained over the past eight years.

Pershing captured the highest score of the survey, with 90.50 points on a 100-point scale. This was well above the average of 81.44 points earned by the 13 financial organizations analyzed in the survey. The rankings are based on over 130 different attributes for brokerage statements and identify which firms are forward-thinking and effectively using this tool to influence positive client behavior. This year, DALBAR recognized those who made notable statement enhancements that not only improved customer service but also helped investors succeed, gave them more information, added transparency and implemented an improved design.

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