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Quarter 2, 2014

Second Annual Study of Advisory Success: A New Age of Client Communications and Client Expectations

Since Pershing’s 2013 Study of Advisory Success, we find that things are good today for many advisors—in fact, things are better than before. However, even the most successful advisors are increasingly worried about having enough time to get things done. The rising tide of client expectations and communication touch points present new challenges for growth-minded advisors.

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To Roth or Not to Roth? That Is the Question

By Robert Cirrotti, Head of Retirement Solutions, Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company
A version of this article was posted on on April 14, 2014

Although Roth IRAs have been available since 1997, changes in recent years to the U.S. tax code have made these retirement savings accounts more popular than ever. In 2010, higher income limits allowed larger numbers of investors, particularly high net worth investors, to qualify for Roth IRAs. Then, in 2013, the Internal Revenue Service confirmed that those 401(k) plans that offer a Roth option may allow their participants to roll over funds in their plan to an “in-plan” Roth account.

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30 in 30: How Advisors Can Capitalize on a $30 Trillion Wealth Transfer Over the Next 30 Years

Take a look around you. Your clients are aging: the Baby Boomer generation—that huge demographic blip in the population—is entering retirement. Faced with grown-up children and growing-up grandchildren, they are coming to terms with their own mortality. As the result of good investment management and planning, they are thinking beyond ‘today’ and focused on how and to whom their wealth will transfer.

Unless you are having the wealth-transfer conversation with your clients right now, the research suggests you may be taking needless risks and missing promising opportunities. For example, if you haven’t formed relationships with your clients’ spouse and the next generation, you run the risk of losing assets when the wealth does change hands. And if you aren’t talking to your clients and their loved ones about the legacy they will leave behind, you are missing the opportunity to further your clients..

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