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Issue 3 - December 2008

Each day, the financial industry generates an enormous amount of paper. At Pershing alone, more than 186 million statement pages were produced last year, which required 35,834 million British Thermal Units (BTU) of energy, 3,238 tons of wood, 18 million gallons of waste water, and produced 5 million pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent.

The desire to "go green" is not only on the minds of corporations, but also on the minds of investors. A recent survey by Forrester Research indicates that investors are increasingly suppressing paper—in fact, brokerage accounts and trade confirmations have the highest rates of electronic adoption, at 53% and 60%, respectively.

Through NetExchange Client®, you can offer your clients the ability to suppress paper delivery of their brokerage account statements and trade confirmations. Once entitled, your clients can log on, and after a few quick clicks of the mouse, choose to suppress paper delivery of these items. When clients choose this option, they receive a notification email whenever a trade confirmation or account statement is available to view online.

Why turn off paper delivery?
While the environmental benefits are obvious, paper suppression is not only about "going green." There are many additional benefits to you and your clients, including:

  • Increased security. Going paperless reduces the risk of identity theft associated with sending sensitive financial information through the mail.
  • Instant access. Clients receive an email as soon as a new account statement or trade confirmation is available to view online, eliminating the delays that may be associated with postal delivery.
  • Convenience. Clients gain secure access to download and print their account statements and trade confirmations from virtually any computer, at any time.
  • Flexibility. Online account statements and trade confirmations can be viewed together with tax statements. Clients have the ability to download, print, or email copies to their tax professionals.
  • Reduced paper. Less mail means less clutter, reducing the risk of clients misplacing important documents.

Inform your clients
Pershing offers a number of items to help you promote paper suppression among your clients. Pre-approved statement inserts and statement messages are currently available and additional items are being developed to help you inform your clients.

Contact your home office to determine if your firm offers paperless account statements and trade confirmations and to assist with the appropriate entitlements for your client accounts. Once entitled, your clients can quickly and easily turn off paper delivery by adjusting their preferences in NetExchange Client.

Help your clients make a powerful choice to go online and go paperless.

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