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Enhance Revenue Opportunities with Fully Paid Securities Lending

Issue 19, 2011

We understand that you are always looking for investment solutions to help attract and retain clients in today’s difficult market environment. Fully Paid Securities Lending is an innovative program from Pershing that can generate incremental revenue for qualified high-net-worth clients.

Effective immediately, the minimum net worth requirement in the Fully Paid Securities Lending Program has been reduced to $250,000 from $1 million. The program allows investors with a net worth of $250,000 and above in their brokerage account(s) to loan their hard-to-borrow, fully paid-for securities to Pershing. Pershing can then either use the securities to fulfill obligations internally or loan externally to the street. A substantial portion of the revenue generated becomes incremental revenue for your clients.

Clients maintain the position in their accounts for purposes of profit and loss, tax-lot accounting, hedges and holding representation. They do not, however, have proxy voting rights on loaned securities. Completely integrated within NetX360™, the Pershing Fully Paid Securities Lending program allows you to easily monitor all activity including the number of shares on loan, loan values and overall fund earnings.

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